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Sleep Help

Prenatal – A great gift for an expecting mother, or for the mum-to-be who wants to talk through how to support your newborn’s sleep when you have left the hospital, we talk through expectations and how to navigate the early days

15 Min – Routine Check, something is off, needing a tweak or a change as your little one was sleeping beautifully and now is fighting naps/bedtime or randomly waking and you’re not sure why.

30 Min – This is more involved, and checks sleep environment, and awake windows, and talks through a plan to navigate teaching your little one how to learn to self-settle, whilst gaining an understanding of your baby’s temperament and your parenting style, we will also be providing an age-appropriate routine to work within.

Phone Consult – This is the 30-minute call, plus follow-up text support to provide you with reassurance, support and accountability to keep consistent, and focused to teach your little one the new skill of self-settling perfect for those wanting more 1:1 Support, guidance, and to be able to ask questions throughout the learning period.

Add-on Text Support - This can be added to any of the above consults and is great for those who need to ask more questions and have extra support following a phone consult

Home Consult – This is our Favourite, as we get to meet you and your little one in the privacy of your own home, we will check the sleep environment, physically settle, and resettle with you, discussing the plan and text support after we leave.


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Feeding Help

Prenatal Lactation Consultant - The perfect consult for anyone who is planning to breastfeed whether you have done so before, or it will be your first time. In this consult, we can prepare you for everything you need to know to get your journey off on the right track or hone in on specific concerns you had from last time and troubleshoot your journey to try and achieve all your breastfeeding goals. 

15 Minute Lactation Call - A quick phone call generally used for one question, whatever concerns you have without needing a full appointment. This can be a perfect start to troubleshoot small issues or to offer reassurance wherever needed. 

30 Minute Lactation Call - For those bigger concerns, a longer phone call with time to go through all the background information for the best outcome. From bottle refusal through to colic/allergy concerns, weaning, or anything in between. With this appointment, we can troubleshoot and get you on the right track. 

Home Consult - For those who need more face-to-face support. A home consult is often best for those who have bigger concerns that need addressing. In this 90-minute consult we offer a full oral assessment of your baby, weight check, review your medical history, and troubleshoot any latching issues/ bottle feeding concerns, nipple pain, or milk supply concerns. Whatever your issue, this 1:1 home visit is your best option for optimal support through your feeding journey. 


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Gaia x TMM
Why I Choose GAIA

As a midwife & mother, we quickly learn that our children's skin is so sacred. From the moment they are born you must be so careful with what you apply to their skin. If you wish to use a body wash it is so important to ensure it doesn't contain any nasties that can damage your baby's skin.

As a mother of 3 children with eczema, we have always used Gaia baby products to bathe our children in, to lather & moisturise their skin with and our recent favourite, their bubble bath wash. Find out more here about bathing your baby with Gaia's gorg range of products.

Gaia x TMM Video

Real Reviews from Some of my 100,000+ Followers

Completely prepared

"I went into my birth feeling completely prepared for what lay ahead. I had an induction with Tommy and I didn't have that fear that I once did and I really owe it to Amelia."

Megan Pratt

Thanks for Saving my Feeding Journey

"So after our phone consult on Tuesday I had Angus reweighed and he has put on 190grams. I could cry. I can't believe it was something as small as getting him on deeper. Thanks for saving my feeding journey."

Liv x

Your advice really helped me

"Hi lovely! I just wanted to thank you for your weaning advice. I've now completed 3 nights and my little man has been amazing!!! Hasn't cried once!It's definitely been more challenging for me, such an emotional journey but your advice really helped me take the plunge so thank you so much have a lovely day! Xx"

Lovveee the guide

"Lovveee the guide. Mumma of 4 including twins (now 4yrs old) and I've needed the reassurance more than ever with my 4month old. Go figure!"

All We Needed Was This Light Hearted Course

"7 years between babies and all we needed was this light hearted course to remind me of what is to come. Was lovely to not have to venture out at 34 weeks pregnant either."

Toni & Gerry

You're Amaze!

No doubt! You've helped us so much already with our last guide, pregnancy guide and all your tips. You're amaze!

She slept all night

"So we purchased the guide on Friday night. We are at night 4 Lottie is sleeping in her cot, in her room and last night she slept through! She slept all night, no feed, no waking, no screaming! Thank you!"

Love your Content

"My wife Tori is always coming out to me saying things like "I don't mean to brag but the midwife mumma just replied to me again, she also sent kisses" She loves you more then me I also love your content, you've helped us through so much!"

This Course Completely Prepared Me

"I actually enjoyed every part of my planned caesarian. This course completely prepared me and honestly it was a super fun relaxed day."

Emily Cordova

Thank you

"Thankyou for helping my Daughter and beautiful Granddaughter with sleep."

Blogs x TMM

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