May 31, 2018

The all important hospital bag.. The one that you will repack 20 times and STILL be sure you have forgotten something.. Stress no more! My list below of the basics & essentials to bring to hospital will be one less thing you have to worry about.. No more racking your brain, raiding your drawers, forgetting to ask your midwife or doctor or waking up with it on your mind – it is all listed below! You cannot go wrong with this!

Please note this is what I suggest my patients pack for their stay in a private hospital (generally 4-5 nights).. If you are public it is super easy just halve the clothing:

🔸Pads, Pads & Pads (X3 packets of maternity) – believe me you need them
🔸X2 maternity bras (if you plan on b/f)

🔸X1 box/packet of breast pads (if you plan on b/f)
🔸X1 tube of Lansinoh (see previous post)
🔸X3-4 feeding singlets (Kmart & Target have these for a bargain)
🔸Comfy PJ’s
🔸Dressing gown/zip jumper/hoodie
🔸X4 Leggings/trackies (yep the same reason you needs pads, pads & pads)
🔸X6-8 pairs of Undies because believe me, you can never have enough (buy black grandma ones!!!)
🔸Ugg Boots/Slippers/Socks
🔸Toiletries (that first shower… Ahhhhhh)

🔸Hair elastics (they miraculously go missing during labour and caesarians believe me)
🔸Pen & Paper for all the annoying paperwork and million questions you will have to ask your midwife
🔸Phone charger
🔸Any current medication you are taking (very important to tell/give your midwife this info)

🔸X6 singlets/bodysuits
🔸X6 jumpsuits
🔸X2 hats (super important for day 1 at least)
🔸X3pairs of socks
🔸X6 wraps (Muslin wraps are perfect)
🔸X1 thick blanket
🔸X2 sets of mittens
🔸X1 packet of baby wipes (try & get water based unscented ones OR the good old cotton balls and warm water)
🔸X1 packet of newborn nappies (some hospitals in Australia will provide your first packet if private)
🔸Bath products if you wish (I would advise just water @ this stage but totally optional)
🔸X2 Dummy’s (optional of course)

So there you go.. A fool proof, super easy hospital bag list.. Minimal luggage is always appreciated by the hospital too (BIG TICK ✔)…

Happy Birthing Mumma’s!

Amelia X

Amelia Lamont


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