3-12 Months Sleep Guidelines



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Our resourceful 3-12 guidelines contain extensive information to help getting your baby's sleep back on track. Containing the following information on age appropriate awake, routine and sleeping guidelines.

  • 3-6 & 6-12 Feed, Play, Sleep guidelines.
  • Settling guidelines for 3-12mths including videos.
  • Age appropriate awake times
  • Catnapping and trouble linking sleep cycles during the day.
  • Resettling guidelines for babies waking multiple times overnight-
  • Understanding Negative sleep associations (rocking/feeding to sleep)
  • Positive sleep associations
  • How to combat Early rising
  • FAQs
  • Access to our private Facebook Village, including Fortnightly live chat/Q&A and settling videos.

    Please note: This PDF DOES NOT include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Amazing !!

    I’ve loved having a guide to follow. My 5mo has fallen into the routine so easily. I’ve found the settling techniques really helpful. Best money I’ve spent. I’m so grateful for this guide

    3-12 Month Sleeping Guide

    I never believed in sleeping guides or anything of the sorts as I always believed in doing what my baby wanted, but at the start of this year we struggled to put our 4 week old down in her own bed during the day for sleeps, we were in the middle of packing our house up and moving, so we found it to be easier to put her in her bouncer/swing to sleep, which turned into a bad habit. After we settled into our new house, we knew we needed to put her into a routine, but everything we tried wasn’t working for us. After a month or so of following you on Instagram and really enjoying some of the advice and feedback you gave, I finally decided to purchase your sleep guide for my now 12 week old. After reading it, we can now get her down in her own bed to sleep and have put her into a routine that suits all of us. We don’t follow the sleep guide step by step, but it has definitely helped us a lot in regards to being able to self settle and a set routine.


    After being at my wits end with my sons sleeping habits and routine. I made the sleep deprived purchase and was very disappointed.
    Everything in the guide is already what we are following...literally every step. I thought maybe there would be something we were missing.


    Great document. The information was helpful. However the settling video link didn’t work which was the main reason I purchased the document. When clicked it said the page had been removed.

    Best Program!

    Was abit sceptical about the program but it’s been the best thing I have purchased. Since starting my newborn sleeps through the night so well and is getting the required sleep throughout the whole day. Definitely recommend for any new time mumma!