12-24 Months Sleep Guidelines



This product is a digital PDF file. Your Sleep Program is an instant download, emailed to you.

Our resourceful 12-24 guidelines contain extensive information to help getting your baby's sleep back on track. Containing the following information on age appropriate awake, routine and sleeping guidelines.

  • 12-24mth guidelines
  • Settling guidelines for 12mths+ including videos.
  • Age appropriate awake times
  • Catnapping and trouble linking sleep cycles during the day.
  • Resettling guidelines for babies waking multiple times overnight-
  • Understanding Negative sleep associations (rocking/feeding to sleep)
  • Positive sleep associations
  • How to combat Early rising
  • Transitioning to 1 day sleep
  • FAQs
  • Access to our private Facebook Village, including Fortnightly live chat/Q&A and settling videos.

Please note: This PDF DOES NOT include personalised email or phone support from our sleep consultants. This is separate a consultation package, that should be purchased separately as a either a home, email or phone consultation.

Customer Reviews

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So helpful - thank you!

Very informative guide for the toddler years, most thankful for the routine guides with wake windows etc, extra information on food and diet was also helpful! Sticking with the set routine and wake windows with my 20 month and have seen improvement in sleep and less night wakes. will be purchasing the 3-12 month guide for my second

A calm, settled baby. Finally!

The settling techniques are fantastic. Gradual withdrawal has worked so well for my 15mo LO. From co-sleeping to naps in cot to long overnight sleep in cot all while following the 12-24mo guide!
Bubs has been happier since, thank you!!


Oh my god I’m only on day 4 and already seeing a huge change, my 14 month old who I was still breastfeeding was being fed and then rocked to sleep. It was a killer, but the worst part was that he was completely unable to self settle so he was waking at least 4 times a night, some night hourly I caved at 3am after not sleeping for 2 years, (I had terrible insomnia while pregnant) jumped online and purchased this program and honestly after night 1 he was waking twice, night 3 we had 1 wake up, he’s on his way to self settling, I still need to give him a little pat pat when he wakes but I’m not getting him out of his cot, iv been able to wean back my breastfeeding which iv been desperate to do for months now. And I’m finally getting decent sleep I’m honestly excited to see the change after a few weeks
Can not recommend enough

24 month sleep guide

This guide has helped my family immensely. My almost 1yr old had become very clingy whilst being unwell and then with sleep deprivation I didn't know how to help him get back on track. I was feeling like I needed guidance, knowledge and support without spending a fortune. The information in the guide has been and will continue to be extremely helpful all round!
Thank you Midwife Mumma!!

Amazing !!!

I love this sleep guid in so many ways .. it’s gentle , easy for mum and bubs , the constant post from the MWM , all amazing !!!