Midwife, Mumma & Certified Sleep Consultant  Mum to Alfie, Essie and Scout

I am Amelia - Mother of 4 ….. Alfie is 8 (the reason I started TMM in the throes of motherhood), Essie going on 16 (spirited & compassionate x1000), Coco is my real-life angel sent from my dad to heal our broken hearts and when you think that is crazy, I just had adorable baby Scout but a cat napping bandit! Then when you think you have your shit together you realise the baby can’t have dairy or soy so that puts you on a strict unwanted diet of no cow’s milk or soy. Painful but important.

Ambrose my partner of I think 18 or 19 years now... who knows - Covid has made me lose count of everything. engaged, not married... he wants to be, I can’t be bothered – the story of my life.

I am a Midwife who LOVES working in a birth suite (my fave), a sleep consultant who has recently parted ways with my first sleep business after 5 years & now in 2021 I find myself a bit of an entrepreneur amongst all of this with a few exciting things in the pipeline all to benefit YOU and your babies✨

I am now a qualified IBCLC lactation consultant .. I love breastfeeding and hope I can make your feeding journey as smooth as possible. I love nothing more than a content bub and mumma feeding with ease.

I am pregnancy obsessed>> like I want to be pregnant forever despite the aches, pains and nausea. Birth obsessed too... not just me... any birth. I still pinch myself I am privileged enough to watch beautiful people bring their greatest possessions to earth side.

My Instagram started as a platform to share my reality of navigating motherhood for the first time... it started with severe sleep deprivation .. a visit to sleep school.. I left with a wonderful sleeper and a content family and this is where my passion for all things sleep started. I then fell pregnant with Essie (2 under 2 was no easy feat) & I openly shared (& still do) my transition to this with some fkd anxiety thrown in the mix... a tumultuous relationship after the harsh reality of adapting to parenthood and then coming out the other side on top despite days feeling like I/we were drowning.

As a midwife, sleep consultant, lactation consultant mother and successful blogger, I started to connect with lots of mums who were struggling with sleep and needed help. I received numerous daily messages from desperate mums who needed help with their babies’ sleep. I offered my tips and advice from my own experience as well as personalised support and suddenly mums were happy and their babies started sleeping - I had the magic touch.

Over the years my brand has grown bigger than I ever expected, but I believe it is because I am authentic AF. I am true to who I am.

Amelia x