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Work with Amelia Lamont - The Midwife Mumma

As a guiding voice amongst the Mummy-Blogger community, Amelia is a mother of 4 and midwife to many. She has recently launched her latest co-venture - a fresh new sleep school allowing parents across the country to combat their children's sleep woes with digital guides that are easy to access and use. 

Where does she find the time? She makes it. Amelia’s passion for children, especially when it comes to sleep, is second to none. She completely understands a parents desperation for help and more importantly, a solid block of sleep. Amelia has been there and done that and can’t stand the thought of fellow parents suffering in silence when her easily implemented methods can make a lifetime of difference.

Why is she so passionate about helping others? Well, she’s been in their shoes. When her son Alfie was three years old, her dream sleeper did a complete U-turn and nothing she tried could get him back on track. After months of trying everything she could possibly think of she wanted to find an easy way for families to get quick help from the comfort of their own homes. 

With further study Amelia is now a qualified lactation consultant as her passion for feeding has grown over the years. Amelia shares all of this, along with the many intricacies of her personal, work as a midwife and family life, with her strong and loyal social media following - delivering a raw and honest insight into the life of a Midwife Mumma.

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