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SLEEPY TIME by The Midwife Mumma is finally here!

Suitable from birth - 4 years

60+ detailed, easy-to-follow pages

3 x Downloadable Copies

Instantly Download on any device


- Newborn wind down routine

- Early rising

- Age appropriate routines

- Sleep associations

- Correct sleeping environment

- And loads more!

How does this differ from any other sleep guide on the market?

It is from my lived in experience as a mother, midwife and sleep consultant.

These methods have been tried and tested by me.

It is gentle (you can go at your own pace).

They are proven methods from the hundreds of families I have worked with over the years.

These gentle methods have kept my own family happy, sane, content and well rested.

It is simple to follow.

It is life changing for the better.

Learn My Proven Methods on How To:

Settle Your Baby

Re-Settle Your Baby

Read Tired Signs

Sleeping Through

Real Reviews from Some of my 1000,000+ Followers

Thank you

"Hi gorgeous! Just want to share that I've been using your guide for just over a week. I had been rocking to sleep. The first time I put him in his cot after implementing incremental settling it took 45min to fall asleep. It halved the second day and now only takes him 10min to fall asleep for his naps! He is linking cycles and I've also learnt to know the difference between his tired settling crying to his emotional cry and it's amazing how different it is now that I know it.

Thank you xx"

I Feel So Positive After Just One Day

"Omg Amelia, I started using your guide for my 10 week olds naps today - her night sleeps are good but will only contact nap/assisted nap during the day. First I resettled after 30 mins and then she slept for an hour on her own.. second one was in the pram.. third one is happening right now and I used the pick up/put down technique and when she stirred I managed to resettle her with just my hand on her chest!! I feel so positive after just

One day of improvement, couldn't have dreamed that she'd sleep in her bassinet for one nap even yesterday."

Felt Like A New Person Today

"So, I started implementing the 12 month routine I think three or four days ago and little man is going so well! He didn't even wake up last nightIf he has woken I have had to go in and hold his hand but went from multiple wakes to 1 then none last night! Felt like a new person today."

He is Doing Amazing

"He is doing amazing, still have the odd night where he is joining us. But he had a sleepover on the weekend at my mums and she said his sleep was amazing."

You're Bloody Amazing

"I got the guide, capped his day nap at 2 hours, have been doing a book and relax time 20-15 minutes before bed, has been sleeping through!! You're bloody amazing."

Sleeping Again

"Just watched him resettle. He was sitting up I said to him though the monitor your okay, lay back down and he actually did and is sleeping again. That never happens!!! I'm still in the phase of sitting in his room until he falls asleep."