Sleepy Guides FAQs

How do I buy an Online E-Program?

Is this guaranteed to work?

What if my baby is sick?

How Long does Sleep Training take?

What if I don't like to hear by baby crying?

CIO and do we implement it?

Do you wake a sleeping baby?

My baby is a cat napper so how do you tackle this and will it work?

How quickly do I hear back from someone?

Cancellation Policy

Consult FAQs

Who is my consult with?

How quickly will I hear from someone?

What is the cancellation policy?

Product FAQs

Who do you ship with?

Shipping timeline?

Is there a warranty on the products?

Help with my product?

Troubleshoot my product with me?

What do I do with my faulty product and what is the process to get help?

Lactation FAQs

Why use a Lactation Consultant?

What do I get from getting help?

Why Melbourne only?

What is the cancellation policy?