A new parent's step-by-step guide to deep, uninterrupted newborn sleep.

Professional Newborn Sleep Guide (Ages 0-4)

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From my lived experience as a mother, midwife, and sleep consultant

When my first child Alfie was born 7 years ago, our weeks were filled with the newborn norm of cluster feeding, long day naps and broken night sleep..

Since then, I've made it my career helping hundreds of families get their lives (and sleep) back.

Most new parents try and figure it out by themselves. Or worse - they follow some hocus pocus they found off Google.

I've put together my real learnings from years of my real experience into this gentle, easy to follow eBook to help more parents than I possibly could as just a single consultant.

Learn my Proven Methods on How To:

Settle your baby

Resettle your baby

Read tired signs

Get your baby sleeping through the night


  • Newborn wind down routine
  • Early rising
  • Age appropriate routines
  • Sleep associations
  • Correct sleeping environment

And loads more

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