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Feel like you need a little extra support? Prefer 1:1 with a consultant where our team come to you? This home consult is for you! 

After giving birth, women may experience a lack of consistent care, which can lead to difficulties with infant feeding, particularly breastfeeding. However, these concerns can often be resolved through proper management and sufficient support. Our exceptional team is here to ensure your success and provide you with a better understanding of your feeding journey. One of our consultations will be conducted in the comfort of your own home. During this 90-minute visit, our team will thoroughly assess your breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding needs, evaluate your baby's oral and feeding abilities, and review your medical history.

To ensure your progress, we will also maintain regular email communication throughout the week. You will receive a personalised breastfeeding plan directly to your inbox, allowing you to easily follow along. With the assistance of our outstanding team, you can position yourself for success and gain a deeper understanding of your breastfeeding journey. We are thrilled to meet you and your little one, and we will be your biggest supporters on your path to success.

What we cover;

* 20 min settling demo on the day
* Sore/damaged nipples
* Mastitis management
* Low milk production
* Low weight gain
* Reflux/unsettled babies/colic
* Feeding with nipple shields
* Correcting positioning and attachment
* Assessment for tongue/lip tie and management plan
* Re-lactation
* Inducing lactation
* Bottle feeding support

If your address is outside of Melbourne please feel free to email us directly at and we can work something out.

*NB: you will be allocated a lactation consultant within 48 hours of purchase - please check your emails. 

There will also be a separate email sent to you once purchased which will include your questionnaire - please complete for our team member to understand your request in depth. 

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