Big welcome to our Wonderful Community!
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Big welcome to our Wonderful Community!

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Where we are based

We are based in Melbourne, Lower Plenty area, however, we service worldwide with Zoom consultations available, and all of Melbourne VIC via home consults, if you are in another state we also have consultants we sub-contract to who we know, love and trust.


What do we offer?

We are a team of mums, for mums and parents we are experienced and dedicated to providing support, professional knowledge, education and empowering our clients.


We have a range of products that we genuinely love and know will help you, tried and tested by us!


The midwife mumma exists because of you, our clients, and real-life experience with 8 children between us, and our combined love of sleep, breastfeeding, and studies to serve you with the most up-to-date, information to help you navigate learning all you need to know in a respectful, non-judgmental environment. In helping you achieve realistic goals with your children.


We offer a range of goods and services to suit all needs, at an affordable price.






Phone, and face to face in the home are available, we have many packages to suit all needs.

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We have covered all you need to know from conception, prenatal, to perinatal, sleep, birth, breastfeeding and more and these are available as an automatic download.

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We offer a range of products that you will genuinely benefit from, that we have created ourselves, tried and tested that will help your baby, and experience parenthood easier.

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What do some of our happy customers have to say?


"When my baby was 5 months old, I reached out and bought the consult /7-day text package. Before seeking assistance, my bub was only contact napping on the rocking chair and feeding to sleep. She wouldn’t sleep in the car or pram and I was mentally drained. She is now 7 months and I have to wake her up from her afternoon nap!! She can do a good 3-3.5 hour stretch which was unheard of before!!! She only wakes once a night and is such a happy baby. It is well worth the money and I recommend this package to anyone struggling. Hayley was incredibly supportive and I was able to get bub back into the cot in a manner and rate that I was comfortable with."


"My 4-month-old had been waking every 1-2 hours overnight since birth and was never able to fall asleep on his own. With Georgia’s help, my little man is now self-settling EVERY sleep and also able to resettle himself after a sleep cycle! No more cat naps and we are getting 3+ hour stints of a night. This happened all in a matter of a week, I am currently writing this review with a week left of my text support with Georgia."


"I wish I purchased this sooner! The perfect portable sound machine and the light is great!!"


"5/5 Stars LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!"


"Thank you, thank you, and thank you! After using your methods I just got my 16-week-old to successfully resettle in his cot! This is such a win after trying for the last 2-3 weeks! ♥️♥️♥️"



The Guarantee


Guess what? There is no guarantee your baby will be the perfect breastfed and well-slept baby from the get-go but with some consistency and the will to learn I promise you we will get there together!!! It’s about having a plan in place that you are comfortable with and that supports your parenting style and your babies’ temperament. Every baby is different. Every baby is unique and your circumstances will vary from baby to baby. At any point, if you feel like you need more help we are always here to guide you, support and tailor things to your needs.

Having us in your home is the BEST!