Having us in your home is the BEST!
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Having us in your home is the BEST!

Our in-home consultation is the way to go when you feel you have tried everything, and you are at your wit's end. It is our favourite consult to do, as we can assess everything from sleep environment to baby temperament and work on a completely bespoke and individual plan and routine that fits your baby, commitments, and parenting styles and needs. 


This is such great value, we believe that having us come to you, and not changing your babies' sleep environment, as in moving them to a clinical stay is much better for not only the baby but the whole family! Who wants to leave their older children home, and then try to implement the same when home when you can do it from home to begin with?


Once you book this consult, our experienced consultants will get in touch with you within 24 hours to gain initial information, by getting you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire so they can gain all the knowledge of everything that has been happening, from there they will work with you to attend at a convenient time, also considering babies best nap time, or bedtime. 


During the home consultation, our consultant will undergo a full assessment of the sleep environment and make any recommendations necessary to ensure the best sleep hygiene for your baby to support their sleep needs. 


They will then go over a personalized and individual plan, and discuss methods and contingency plans so you have a clear understanding of how to navigate and teach your little one the beautiful art of self-settling, and falling asleep independently - game changer! 


They will work with you, to go through a wind-down and settle with your baby, and potentially a resettle if required. 


This consult is 2 hours, and then you will have 1:1 text support following. 


Want to know more? Check out our latest review below;



NAVY - 10 months

Returned from one-week sleep school, taking a long time to settle, waking 2 hours overnight having to rock, bounce on the ball for hours



Attended - Full assessment of sleep environment

Plan to create enough sleep pressure to support self-settling methods. Now self settles within 10 minutes and wakes for one feed a night. Popped that exercise ball as well



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