Presale - Milky Time Bottle Warmer (Second week of June)

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Presale - Milky Time Bottle Warmer (Second week of June)

Presale - Milky Time Bottle Warmer (Second week of June)

ERRRRR MAAAAA GAWWWDDDDDD look at our latest little baby to land at The Midwife Mumma “MILKY TIME BOTTLE WARMER” - you read it right .. a portable, milk warmer readily available to fill your little one’s hungry tummy.. this is what this game changer can do:

  • Heat water anytime 
  • Heat breast milk on the run 
  • Heat formula in seconds

That is right - it doesn’t just hold water BUT your breast milk and ready made formula too! 

This Milky Time Bottle Warmer is:

  • Petite
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Secure strap for grabbing on the go or latching to your pram or bag 
  • Durable 
  • 300ml capacity (easily holds minimum 2 + feeds)
  • Easily chargeable 

No need to:

  • Boil the kettle for overnight feeds 
  • Open formula tins spilling powder everywhere 
  • Constantly check the contents are at a safe temperature for consumption 
  • Wait for the milk or water to cool down

It is super simple & user friendly! You can either: 

  • Add sterile water to make future bottles & heat
  • Add breastmilk directly to warmer & heat 
  • Add sterile water & your choice of formula & heat

Take it everywhere you go:

  • Your bedside table for overnight feeds 
  • The car
  • The pram
  • Grandma’s house
  • The shops
  • Mother’s group
  • The Plane
  • Your health nurse / gp appointments
  • Exercise classes
  • The shops
  • Brekkie, Lunch & Dinner dates

Cleaning recommendations

I suggest rinsing lightly with warm soapy water on a cloth or scrubber and then pouring out then pouring in some boiling water for under 5 min and pouring out to air dry.

As a midwife, mother, sleep consultant & IBCLC .. this product is a staple for any mother, breast or bottle feeding!

*It is important to never reheat the same feed twice

*NB: this item is a presale item - Please allow 4 weeks until delivery (Second week of June dispatch)

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